A downloadable game for Windows

An early prototype of an idle/rpg space fleet managing game.

There not much content so far since I like to test the early ship classes first.

If you are interested in the project please let me know. If there is more than a few people  I'm happy to make a discord server soon.

Install instructions

Pretty simple. Download and unzip to desired location and start the .exe

Its made in unity and you can leave the game any time by pressing Esc.  

Right now there is just one resolution available and only for windows.

If you like to try it and need a build for another platform let me know. The same with the resolution. If possible tell me why the resoluttion  seems to be a problem and sugesst a second one. I assume 1280x960 should run on most machines.


WarpFleet.zip 17 MB

Development log

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